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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Corpus Christi

Back from a long weekend. It was a long, trying time, with ups and downs along the way. It started with a Christmas morning departure for the Texas Coast. If you go through Corpus Christi you enter Padre Island, and following the road to it's end, you arrive here:

The only camping available is without utilities - if you want it you take it with you. The campground was about 3/4 full, surprising given the temps in the 50s & 60s and the steady 25-35 MPH winds! The Adventure 1 truck tent did a yeoman's job, withstanding the gale winds and rains with aplomb. Nice and cozy in the hi-loft sleeping bag, too. Here is the rig, set up for action:

The humidity was pervasive, but the cool temperatures lessened the impact. what was truly amazing was that it went from overcast to fogbound in less than 20 minutes. Look at the above picture again, and then look at the one below. There was supposed to be a Star Party Saturday night at the Visitor's Center, but there was no way for the starlight to get through this:

The best part was that it was time away from the crowds and craziness that Christmas has evolved into, and was a good time to just disengage and relax. In the summer, Padre Island is sun, tourists and craziness - in winter, it's a few hearty individuals and the sea. Not a hard choice.

The worst part was that some poor unfortunate decided that he needed my laptop more than I did, and broke into the truck to take it during an excursion into town. It was under wraps and locked up but I guess that wasn't good enough. Fortunately, it was password protected and I have changed my online account passwords. Live and learn. Here's to hoping that the balance of 2008 remains uneventful for all.

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