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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OCD Bacon Weave

On occasion, you have to step a little outside the box. If you have been through the other posts on this site, you will have seen some interesting creations, like the fattie and FrankenSwine. Well, unlike them, my newest recipe isn't pork, but like the fattie, it needed that something extra. So, it's time to apply a bacon weave to my latest grilled wonder.

You can find many different ways to make these, and frankly, this is one of the more complicated, but the results look much better. The bacon shrinks a bit as it cooks and makes a nice tight coating. Instead of just making a weave out of bacon and wrapping the food, I actually weave it around the food. Yeah, there's probably a little OCD in the process...

First I measure the roll. In this case, it was about 7" long and 8" in circumference.

I take a long sheet of parchment (or wax paper), and put two parallel creases in it lengthwise that are 7" apart.

Next, I start laying out the bacon slices with about an inch hanging over each crease. Note that by running them at an angle, you still will have full coverage plus a little on each end to tuck up and pin covering the ends of the roll.

Once you've laid out a running 8" of slices, go back and interweave another set running the opposite direction. The ones on the ends will be really long, but you will weave these together after the roll is in place.

Place the roll in the center of weave, and take one end of the parchment and pull the weave over the roll.

Repeat the same with the other end, eventually weaving all the loose ends together, and pinning the bacon ends over the roll ends

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