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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Baked Onions

2 large sweet onions, Vidalia, 1015 or the like
4 tablespoons butter
fresh ground black pepper

Slice the last quarter inch off of both the root and stem ends of each onion. Peel the onions, then slice in half through the 'equator' so you have four portions.

With a small knife or grapefruit spoon, remove a little of the inside center of each onion half to create a well. Place 1 tablespoon of butter in each well and top with fresh ground black pepper.

Set each onion half in the center of a large square of heavy duty aluminum foil, and carefully wrap the foil up and around the onion, twisting the top together to create a sealed package.

You can cook these either in the oven or on a grill for about an hour. The cooking will remove the noxious onion fumes and tastes, greatly increase the sweetness of the onion, and make it exceptionally tender. Beware of hot butter spillage when opening the packages, but save what you can. Remove to your plates and eat while hot.

1 comment:

taraforst87 said...

i had these for the first time a few weeks ago. my sis in law cooked them in the oven... they were AMAZING! i'm making them for my mom and dad tonight on the grill -- hope they turn out just as good