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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tex-Mex night at Casa Gordita

It had been a while, and I had a hankering for some good authentic Tex-Mex. I looked around the kitchen and got out the stars of the show: very lean top round roast, pinto beans, white rice, masa harina for the tortillas, and my favorite condiment, pure filtered bacon grease, in the jar).

I didn't take any pictures during the cooking process, there was just too much going on. The pintos were done the quick cook method instead of overnight, as I wasn't worried about them splitting as they were going to get mashed anyway. Anyway, I ended up with some great Carne Guisada, Texican Red Rice, and home-made refried beans and tortillas.

Links to the meat and rice dishes are at the end of the post, and tortillas are easy to explainmake. To make the refried beans, I mash the cooked pintos and mix them with a small dab of bacon grease, maybe 1-2 teaspoons. A little salt and pepper, a little garlic powder to taste, and heat and mash until fairly smooth. A few chunks of bean in there is just fine.

Anyway, here's the result of the work - a little spicy, a lot good!

See recipes at the blog entries Carne Guisada - Tex-Mex authentic and Mexican Red Rice.


cowgirl said...

All of your dishes look soooo goood!! Now I'm hungry!! lol

You need to write a cookbook! :)

MGwerks said...

Now you know how I feel when I see your creations! They send me running to the freezer and casting long looks at the smokers outside...

As far as the cookbook, I'm there right behind you. I need to expand my varieties of sides, as I seem to be focused on main dishes. It seems a meal isn't a meal unless something on the plate once had a face.