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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hot Roast Beef Delight

I was cruising through the freezer the other day as part of my loss prevention program. I'm tired of not knowing what's in there and losing track of stuff. So, I came across an eye of round roast that was about 2 lbs worth. This is a more challenging cut of meat than most, because there is so little fat that it will very easily end up tough when cooked. What to do?

Open-faced Roast Beef Sammies!

2 lb. eye of round
2 lg. onion
2 pk. McCormick brown gravy mix (yes, I got lazy)
8 slices thick dark bread

Remove your roast and remove all exterior silver skin and visible fat. It should look something like this. Notice the obvious grain - we will be cutting across this later.

Heat the oven to 275°. In a heavy Dutch oven, brown the eye of round well on all sides. Place the Dutch oven in the preheated oven and cover. Cook until internal temperature gets to 125° - start checking after 30-40 minutes (depends on the meat temperature at the start).

Remove meat from Dutch oven and let cool. Our next goal is to slice it across the grain and very thin - 1/16" or less. I accomplished this by freezing the roast, and when almost completely frozen, I loaded it into the slicer. I know that not everyone has one, so you might have to carefully do this by hand. If so, you won't want it frozen!

Here's a shot of the finished product. You can see how the carryover heat ended up cooking the roast to a perfect medium rare. All sliced:

Now, prepare the gravy as directed, in a medium to large pan. Reduce heat to just below a simmer, and mix in all the sliced roast beef, stirring to coat well. Keep this on a medium low heat for now.

While this is heating, peel and then slice the onions into 1/4" slices. Separate the onions into rings, and place in a large covered skillet with a little water. Cook until they become translucent and start to caramelize. Turn down burner and keep warm.

Now it's time to put it all together. Add a little of the gravy on top of the bread, then pile on the sweet caramelized onions. Top this with a nice pile of the roast beef, and finish with a little garnish. Repeat this for the other 3 sandwiches and devour.

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