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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wrap them Loins!

Momma's home, and hungry. Need some quick and tasty eats. I decided to pull together ideas from three different dishes and produce some eats.

I started with a pork tenderloin, all silver skin and fat removed. It was wrapped in a spiral bacon weave, with the bacon woven all the way around, not just wrapped, with toothpicks holding the ends down. It was then seasoned with a commercial seasoning which I received in a Brethren trade. Very nice stuff! Here it is pre-seasoning:

On the grill, doing all sides until the bacon is cooked. After that, it was moved to the cooler side to finish cooking.

Resting on the cutting board. It was pulled at an internal temp of 138°. Final internal was 146°.

A sliced pic (blurry - sorry). Very juicy, hard to keep from eating it right off the board!

Served up with a baked potato carrying butter, bacon salt, pepper and minced cilantro:

Here's the seasoning I used. It has a terrific flavor profile, but not really any heat. This is a good thing, as you can add chili/cayenne powder to make your desired heat level. It's just hard to find!


Chris said...

Great idea for a tenderloin, using the bacon weave. A lot healthier than a bacon explosion, huh?

Willoughby said...

My bacon loving family would go crazy for this!

Anonymous said...

Badia seasonings available at Kroger stores.

Mark said...

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, they pulled all the Krogers, Albertsons and other major grocery chains out of San Antonio some years ago. We are replete with H.E.B. stores, but they don't carry it in town. I'll check Krogers next trip out of town.

Andrew Burke said...

Very nice... I do something like this, however I put mushrooms and such on the loin first, and then smoke it...