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Monday, March 15, 2010

First hot-fast brisket - amazing results!

I just finished my first hot & fast CAB choice brisket today on the WSM 22 at about 300 degrees. It was an eye-opening experience (thanks, Konrad!). One thing I tried which was a bit of extra work was to separate the point and flat and trim of all the excess fat. These I panned separately. I flipped them over and foiled the pans as each got to 165. In the pans was the au jus that the brisket had created to which I added some water and flavoring liquid.

Without having to heat up all that fat must have made an immense difference! The panned point was at 200 after only 3 hours, and the flat was at 185! Half an hour later I checked the flat at 200, and pulled it as well. They rested for an hour in a 170 degree warming oven, swimming in the juices. Doing the pieces separately made it easy to control consistency without it being a compromise. Both had a great smoke ring as well. I saw no issues from having removed all that fat cap and the stuff surrounding the point. It was still very juicy, very tender and had a great flavor.

That's going from into the pit to into the stomach in less than 5 hours, including resting, for a 14+ lb. brisket.


Chris said...

I know a lot of folks have tried this on the forum but I hadn't made the leap yet. Yours looks excellent!

So you separated the point and flat before the cook or at the foiling stage? I wasn't clear on that.

I might try a high temp one soon.

Mark said...

Chris, you just have to take the leap. Yes, I separated them first and removed all the surface fat. They were smoked in foil pans separately in the smoker.

Andrew Schimdt said...

It seems that your smoked beef brisket looks a little bit different than I saw in the other blogs. I think that your brisket is juicier and well cooked.

Mark said...

Andrew, I was very pleased with the way it turned out. Using the pans most likely helped it stay moist, and a lot of the credit has to go to the WSM - it's just the best vertical out there.