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Monday, January 18, 2010

WSM Short Ribs & more

Another piece of heaven from the 'Black Capsule'. I happened to see some particularly meaty short ribs at the store the other day, and couldn't pass them by. Although there are but two of us, I figured that 7.5 lbs. was a reasonable amount!

I gave them a good rub down with olive oil, and then applied some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper...

I used 8 lbs. of charcoal, and 3 hunks of mesquite, lighting it off with a half-chimney of lump. After getting the smoker up to temp, on went the ribs. There was a little extra space, so 4 bratwurst and a couple of kielbassas hit the grid with the ribs.

Finally done! I used the hyper-accurate green Thermopen to make sure they were right where I wanted them - rare to medium rare.

It was really difficult not to just dig in, but I let them rest in a warm oven a bit.

Here's the sausages that accompanied the ribs - nice looking group!

These came out just the way we like them - tender, juicy and no where near overdone.

Hope you like seeing them as much as I liked eating them!

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